On 2018-04-15 08:58, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
I've been mulling over the question why I think the expression needs to
come first here, whereas I'm satisfied with the target coming first for
assignment statements, and I think I've finally got the words to explain
it. It is not just long familiarity with maths and languages that put
the variable first (although that's also part of it). It has to do with
what we're looking for when we read code, specifically what is the
primary piece of information we're initially looking for.

Interesting. I think your arguments are pretty reasonable overall. But, for me, they just don't outweigh the fact that "->" is an ugly assignment operator that looks nothing like the existing one, whereas ":=" is a less-ugly one that has the additional benefit of looking like the existing one. From your arguments I am convinced that putting the expression first has some advantages, but they just don't seem as important to me as they apparently do to you.

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