On 2018-05-17 2:03 AM, Greg Ewing wrote:
Steven D'Aprano wrote:
Let's say you're reading from a CSV file, creating an object from each row, and processing it:

Okay, I can see it could be useful for situations like that.

But this is still a completely different use case from the
one that started this discussion, which was making it less
painful to add new keywords to the language. The backslash
idea doesn't help at all with that.

I don't think there will a solution that makes it less painful to add keywords to the language, nor that finding one should be something we aim for. What this proposal accomplishes is help interoperation with other languages that have different keywords, simplify code generators by letting them blindly escape names and avoid mangling/demangling keywords, and as a distant third, an easy out if the language adds a keyword you use as a name.

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