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> > The other issue with leap-seconds is that python's datetime doesn't
> support them :-)
> That's not entirely true.  Since the implementation of PEP 495, it is
> possible to represent the 23:59:60 as 23:59:59 with the "fold" bit set.  Of
> course, the repeated 23:59:59 will be displayed and behave exactly the same
> as the first 23:59:59, but a 3rd party library can be written to take the
> "fold" bit into account in temporal operations.

Does that support the other way -- or do we never lose a leap second
anyway? (showing ignorance here)

But still, now datetime *could* support leap seconds (which is nice,
because before, 23:59:60 was illegal, so it couldn't even be done at all),
but that doesn't mean that it DOES support leap seconds....



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