Given that Python 3.0 makes good progress it's worth to think about how
to provide a LDAP module for Python 3.0.

Glancing over PEP 3000 it's pretty obvious that python-ldap could be
changed more than just adding a few compability patches needed for 2.5
or 2.6 since Python 3.0 seems to be a pretty different thing and
applications also won't run without significant changes.

So I'm currently thinking about whether it's worth to take 3.0 as a
trigger to completely rewrite python-ldap probably leading to an
incompatible module API.

Some ideas:
- move away from SourceForge
- new SVN-based repository
- wrap libldap (and libber?) with built-in ctypes
- compability layers for mozldap, OpenLDAP and winldap?
- partial rewrite of ldap.schema with some API changes
- class library for LDAP syntaxes and matching rules
- Unicode support maybe with schema-aware LDAP operations

Definitely volunteers are needed for the ctypes parts!

Let me know what *you* like to see in python-ldap 3.0.

Ciao, Michael.

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