On Wed, 20 Dec 2006 15:45:01 +0100, Laszlo Nagy

>  Hello,
>I was trying to get answers for these. SPE homepage was down. Then I 
>found it on berlios 
>(http://developer.berlios.de/forum/forum.php?forum_id=12695) but no one 
>answered since 5 days. In fact nobody seems to write in anything to that 
>forum, I presume it is dead. I have no other choice than ask it here. I 
>apologize in advance, they may be silly questions.
>1. How can I navigate between opened files? Usually I open 10 or more 
>files at the same time. There is no way to quickly scroll the tabs and 
>select the one that I want. Tabs simply run out of my screen.

Normally with ctrl-tab, ctrl-shift-tab, ctrl-f6 ctrl-shift-f6 (at least
on windows)

>2. I tried to use the "Browser" for navigation but it tells me "file is 
>already open" and it won't switch to the file. Annoying.

What version do you have? on 0.8.0b on Windows, it jumps to the tab,
if the file is already open.

>I did not find any options/preferences to change the above things. Some 
>of the above might be new feature requests. I recently switched from 
>DrPython to SPE. SPE has more functions and it could be much much better 
>than DrPython, but it has big problems. 

Now the interesting part of your post begins for me. :)

>For example, I like that SPE 
>saves the workspace automatically for me. 

In DrPython you have a plugin Sessions or SessionsLight for that.
on the sf project page and the SessionsLight on:
It saves all open file plus last editing position.

>But it takes two minutes to 
>start up SPE, because I have to press the "OK" button on the ISO8859-1 
>message for each file that is re-opened. 

>I very like the Browser window, 
>but I cannot use it for navigation. I like the new style save file 
>dialog, but I cannot use it because it is small. I like the code 
>completion. (dot) :-)

In DrPython, there is also a Code Completions plugin.
It is not perfect, but still useful.

I don't want to persuade to use this or that,
but a closer look to the plugins will reveal
the "hidden" features of DrPython, and plugins
prevent DrPython to become to bloated.

>   Laszlo


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