Hi there,

Seeing some really weird behavior and perhaps someone has seen something similar:

I have a python script that launches as a Windows Scheduled Task. The program simply opens a disk file and writes some text to it:

f = open("waiting.txt", "w")
x = 0
while 1:
   f.write("Sleeping: %d\r\n" % x)
   x += 1


I've run it under my user account. I've run it as Local Account. I've run it via pythonw and python ... only one way works:

When I run with full credentials (not local account) and python (not pythonw) I get output in the file (and a CMD window appears while it's running). In every other combination it creates the 'waiting.txt' file, but doesn't write any output to the file. The length of the file is 0 bytes.

Anyone have ideas what could be causing this? I suspect it's blocking on something, but I can't imagine where.

There is no stderr/stdout output anywhere in the program so it's not blocking on anything stdio related (that I can imagine)


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