On 05/15/2014 08:34 AM, GuoChao wrote:
The Python documentation gives this same example:>>> record = b'raymond   
name, serialnum, school, gradelevel = unpack('<10sHHb', record)
but get different results as to 's', don't know why this change in Python 3?  need extra 
work to encode...>>> name
'raymond   '  # for 2.7>>> name
b'raymond   '  # for 3.3                                        

Please start a new thread, don't just change the subject and hope to hijack this existing thread on Fortran.

But you also need a problem statement. What is it you're having trouble with? Do you have some code that works differently in 3.3 and you want to know how to fix it? If so, show what you've tried, what resulted, and what you expected instead.

Please post in text form. This is a text list, and many people cannot see your html at all. Others see it as improperly wrapped, which thoroughly masks what you're trying to do. Even when I show it as html, it doesn't make sense. Perhaps you're trying to retype the stuff, rather than copy/pasting it from your terminal window.

I could comment on individual portions of your query, but hopefully when you get one that's better organized, that won't be necessary.


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