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Experimented users have certainly noticed a lot of
things have changed.

Short. I installed Py3.4.1, it overwrites c:\Python34 which
contained eg. PySide in ...\site-packages.

I installed 3.4.1 on top of 3.4.0, Win 7, both 64-bit versions.

>> contained eg. PySide in ...\site-packages.

The installer is careful to only overwrite or delete files it installed. The only problem one will have is if you modify a file Python installed or add a new file where Python subsequently adds one (but that is unlikely in bug-fix releases anyway).

So far, so good. I can launch Python, IDLE and my interactive
interpreter I wrote with tkinter via a cmd in dos, .bat, ...

Now the questions. It seems all packages in \site-packages
are no more recognized.
What am I doing wrong? Why is "site-packages" no more
recognized, "forcing" sys.path does not seem to help.

 From my interactive interpreter:

import PySide
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "<smid last command>", line 1, in <module>
ImportError: No module named 'PySide'
['D:\\jm\\jmpy\\smid\\smid50beta1', 'C:\\Windows\\system32\\python34.zip',
'C:\\Python34\\DLLs\\DLLs', 'C:\\Python34\\DLLs\\lib', 'C:\\Python34\\DLLs',

>>> sys.path
['', 'C:\\Programs\\Python34\\Lib\\idlelib', 'C:\\Windows\\system32\\python34.zip', 'C:\\Programs\\Python34\\DLLs', 'C:\\Programs\\Python34\\lib', 'C:\\Programs\\Python34', 'C:\\Users\\Terry\\AppData\\Roaming\\Python\\Python34\\site-packages', 'C:\\Programs\\Python34\\lib\\site-packages', 'F:\\Python'

Delete \Programs to match what you should have.

This looks like something went weird in your installation, like you
installed to 'C:\Python34\DLLs' instead of 'C:\Python34'.

I suspect you nailed it.

 What path does sys.executable give?

>>> sys.executable
'C:\\Programs\\Python34\\pythonw.exe' (from Idle)

> The usual location for site-packages is
C:\Python34\Lib\site-packages, which is not listed.

whereas the new 'C:\\Programs\\Python34\\lib\\site-packages' will be empty.

Terry Jan Reedy


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