Skip Montanaro <> writes:
> ...
> That then puts me in the market for an xlrd
> replacement. Is there something akin to xlrd for OpenDocument
> spreadsheets?

Unlike the binary "excel" format (at least for early versions),
"OpenDocument" is a well documented
file format (a zip file containing various XML files; processible
by standard XML tools). Thus, you may get at the content
via "zipfile" and Python's "xml" tools.

It might be possible to create an "xlrd" replacement based
on "zipfile" and the "xml" package -- but, of course, one
would need to study the (complex) description for the involved
XML files.

In the "Plone" world, there are text extractors/html converters
for "OpenDocument" which go this route. I do not know how
well they work.


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