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> Good Day Bob,
> Many thanks for your response.
ur welcome.

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> As mentioned I am new to Python, I apologise for the terminology.
Yeah, it's a learning curve. Also there may be some magic done to PyWin by choice.exe / choice.py.
> The software needs to run on a TELIT modem (GM862 – GPS).
I looked that up. Now I have basic understanding.
> I am running the software under Windows 7 Professional.
> In the Python Windows IDE I use the “F6” function to “compile” the source code Here I am lost - my Python for Windows IDE does not have an F6 defined. I see Choice.exe and Choice.py in the Telit PythonWin Software which (I guess) configures PyWin. Where is the relevant documentation?

Until we know more about these issues I can't help. The link to GM862 Documentation takes me to a page with various devices (GM862 is not there).

Do you have this documentation? Will you share it with us?

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