I need to create an application for Windows 7 that runs from a flash drive. This program would be used to create remote backups of the pendrive. The pendrive contains sensitive data, so when I plug in the pendrive and run the program to make a backup, it should not leave any trace of operation on the windows system. The information is so sensitive that I was forbidden to use cloud storage. I was also forbidden to make backups to a local drive, or leave any trace on the host windows system.

The question is this: if I create this program with Python 3.4 and cx_Freeze, then what should I expect. When the user starts the cx_freeze-d program from the flash drive, will it create temporary files on the system drive? Will it leave log files or store any permanent or temporary data on the system drive (maybe in the user's tmp folder) that can later be used to tell what drive was mounted, with what parameters the program was started etc.



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