On 5/21/2014 12:11 PM, Kai Song wrote:
Dear Python community,

I have been trying to make Tkinter work on my Scientific Linux 6 (SL6)
system. The python version is the SL6 default Python/2.6.6, and the
tkinter is also from SL6 repository, "tkinter-2.6.6-51.el6.x86_64".

I was able to import _tkinter and Tkinter, and the _test() will bring up
an empty window, but it will then fail without any actual error message.
I think it's when it tries to create buttons. I tried to use python gdb
to debug through the code, but It's hard to pin point the problem.


Nasty. I have seen TclErrors, but with a message.

Here is a simple test I just ran (from within Idle) on Win7, 2.7.6.

>>> import Tkinter as tk
>>> root = tk.Tk()
>>> tk.Label(root, text = 'label text').pack()
>>> tk.mainloop()

and I see a window with label with text.

tk._test() works too, with slightly more involved window.

You said you tried 2.7.5. I believe 2.7.6 has some tkinter bug fixes.
There is also the issue that TkVersion == 8.5 is underspecied -- there are multiple bugfix releases. The 2.7 Windows installer has been installing 8.5.2, which has some bugs, but 2.7.7 will install 8.5.13, which is much better.

Terry Jan Reedy


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