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> i learn python is 0.5 year,
> i'm so much love python,

Welcome, you have found a very good programming language. I'm glad you
like it.

> i come from non English speaking countries,
> Python2 coding problem has been troubling me,
> I started to learn the python3 now,

This is good. Python 3 makes it much easier to do the right thing with
writing systems worldwide.

> But many libraries do not support python3,
> I know python3 publishing for many years.
> Why do so many libraries or does not support python3,

Because Python 2 has a lot of inertia. There is a great amount of
existing Python 2 code, and many other systems built on that code.
Change takes time.

Be glad that you are learning Python 3 now! There has been great
improvement in the Python 3 landscape in recent years.

> Perhaps it is because of your home page, still in the striking
> position put python2 download link,

You have that backward; the website reflects the current needs of the
community. While the PYthon 3 transition is still going through rapid
change, the safest choice is still Python 2 for *existing * uses.

But for newcomers like yourself, Python 3 is now the right choice and
has been for some years. Congratulations!

> You can speed up the elimination of python2  ?

Yes, much has already been done, and much is still being done now. But
there is still more work to do, as you observed.

You can help by contacting the specific projects you rely on which still
do not have Python 3 support, and ask those people kindly how you can
help. We all get there faster by helping each other!

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