kimes wrote:
> I've just started digging into how python works..
> I found that other mudules are clearly declared like one file per a
> module..
> But the only os.path doesn't have their own file..
> ye I know is has actually depending on os like in my case posixpath..
> What I'd love to know is..
> when I call import os.path..
> how happened under the hood?
> I'm currently using python 2.4 in linux machine..
> I'd appreciate it

See line 5 of (comment)
  - os.path is one of the modules posixpath, ntpath, or macpath
It says it sets os.path depending on the platform

and does so in line 132
sys.modules['os.path'] = path

In your case, os.path should be implemented in
See line 48 to see where it came from

In short, "use the source, Luke" :-)
especially when Python is exceptionally readable.


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