Ronak Dhakan <> Wrote in message:
> I am learning python, and sometimes when I run a file with a faulty code, 
> windows gives a message that the system is rebooting and gives me 1 minute to 
> save my work. Does anyone know how can I fix this? Most of the time a faulty 
> code gives errors in python, but this is unique. I create files like Exercise 
> and run it through IDLE.

It is very unlikely that running a program will cause a proper
 Windows system to reboot.  The one example I can think of is the
 restart.exe program,  which is deliberately doing it.

It is even much less likely that it could be triggered by
 beginner's code written in python without 3rd party add-ons.

Therefore I'd conclude you've either got a corrupted system,  or
 you're tripping on a Windows bug.

The first things I'd do, if stuck on Windows for some reason,  is
 to check your system for Windows updates,  then for viruses,
and such.


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