On Jul 15, 2005, at 11:19 PM, William Lodge wrote:

> Finally, does anybody know of any Web sites having examples of 
> database apps
> in Python?

        You might want to look at Dabo, which is a database application 
framework for Python. In about 30 seconds you can create an application 
that queries a database, displays the results, and allows for 
editing/updating/inserting/deleting records.

        Currently we do not have an ODBC interface, which is what you'd need 
if the data is in Access, since no one involved has written that 
module. However, if you are interested in developing your app in Dabo, 
we'd be glad to add that module as long as you're willing to give us 
the feedback we need to get it working smoothly.

        BTW, I wouldn't suggest scaling up to Oracle - why get involved with 
all that licensing? There are many open-source databases, such as 
PostgreSQL, MySQL and Firebird that can handle large data sets without 
getting stuck with huge license fees.

  Ed Leafe


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