My code has this structure:
class Example(wx.Frame,listmix.ColumnSorterMixin):
    def __init__(self,parent):


    def InitUI(self): 
..... some other functions and other stuff

when a button is clicked this function is called and i take the self.id_number 
which is a number

        def OnB(self, event):
            self.id_number = self.text_ctrl_number.GetValue()
            xx = latitude[int(self.id_number)]
            yy = longitude[int(self.id_number)]

i want to pass the variables xx and yy to a different script called 
application. This script by calling it with import, automatically  pop up a 
window. I need by clicking the button that is linked with OnB definition to pop 
up the window from the other script as it does when i am running it alone and 
display lets say for example the variables xx and yy, how can i do it

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