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> Generally, people consider Python as a script language.

Count me as one who does not. Python is a general-purpose language.

> It has high development efficiency


> but run too slowly

Which Python implementation are you talking about? Run time is not a
property of the language. It is a property of the language

> interpret running, and can not compile.

Python is always compiled in order to run. The process of turning Python
source into Python bytecode *is* compilation.

> It depends to Python environment, can not employ alone.


> For years, many people have do a lot of job try to improve running
> speed of Python, include Pypy, Cython. But all of these are not
> satisfied.

I don't know what this sweeping statement means. Who is not satisfied?
There are a great many people who are satisfied with Python for many
general purpose needs.

Python is not “a scripting language”, it's general purpose. It is
compiled. It has many implementations and some are faster than others.
So I think you'll need to work on your arguments some more, in order to
justify what points you're making.

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