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>> In general, it is good idea to use expect kind of tool to deal with
>> interactive programs like ssh. You may try using pexpect
>> (
>I tried tha once (on Solaris) and found that ssh could tell that 
>pexpect wasn't a real tty and refused to connect. In the end, I 
>had pexpect  do a telnet, log in, then so ssh to the 
>real destination. Pain in the ass but it worked.
>The Cog

1.  Pexpect is designed to do better than this.  Please
    report specific deficiencies in its operation.
2.  (The original) Expect has had years of working out
    pty vagaries.  In a pinch, I'd write in Expect, and,
    if necessary, control the Expect process from Python.

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