in 722639 20140526 144904 Mark Lawrence <> wrote:
>On 26/05/2014 10:27, Radu Ioan Barbos wrote:
>> Greetings from Romania,sorry for my english,i just wanted to ask you if
>> i need any other software/program beside the one software from the next
>> page
>> <> or is it enough the software on that
>> page , download and install it ? This question goes for both windows 7 &
>> ubuntu (ubuntu). Il be waiting for your answer , thank you verry much !
>> Barbos Rau
>> Timisoara,Romania !
>As you've had answers to your questions I'll just say please don't
>apologise for your English, it's an extremely difficult language to
>learn.  Thank you.

You could have added that his English is already very good.  :-)

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