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> I have written a Python script with a wxPython GUI that uses subprocess.Popen 
> to open a list of files that the user provides. One of my users would like to 
> be able to run a Python script with my application. The Python script he is 
> trying to run uses the command line and gets keyboard input from the user 
> several times.
> The problem is that if the Python script is run on Windows with 
> subprocess.Popen, no command prompt is shown (my GUI application is a .pyw 
> file). The user's script runs silently but then does not quit because it is 
> waiting for input, but there is no way for the input to be given, since there 
> is no command prompt visible.
> I think this may be related to the fact that I am calling subprocess.Popen 
> with shell=True. I tried calling it with shell=False (the default), but then 
> I got an error that the file is not a valid Win32 application.
> I would appreciate any help with this problem.
> -- Timothy

If you want to use shell=False, you need to specify the executable
 correctly.  Since you're on Windows,  the executable is named
 python.exe, not myscript. py

If you still get errors,  you need to get a lot more explicit. 
 Copy/paste, not paraphrase. 



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