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>tuxlover enlightened us with:
>> No, the replies from Grant's and Sybren's do answer my question.
>It would be a lot more polite to actually thank the people helping
Expressing gratitude is indeed a courtesy.

As an old-time Usenetter, I also have a high regard for
economy or brevity; I generally communicate my thanks in
private e-mail, unless I can embed them in a comment which
I think is likely to interest a wider audience.  I have in
mind something on the order of, "Thanks, timbot!  I notice
that not only does that solution conform to IEEE 754, as 
requested, but it's compatible with the Rayleigh-Ritz
implementation found in ..."

I'm certain neither of Mr. Stuvel's point, nor of whether
it applied to tuxlover's actual behavior.  I wouldn't want
readers to think, though, that every well-formed clp thread
must necessarily terminate in a follow-up whose content is
limited to "Thx."

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