On 2014-05-27 15:33, animalize81 wrote:
> Home-use smart router is more and more popular.
> If <Python Software Foundation> embeds Python into such router, and 
> develops a framework that has the following features:
> 1, allow power-down at any time
> 2, dynamic domain name
> 3, local storage support (SD cards or Hard Disk)
> 4, telnet server
> etc.
> Then we can create micro private server on it.

It certainly can.  I've got a Buffalo router here that runs a
stripped-down version of Linux and has Python installed on it. No
need for the PSF to get involved because people are already creating
these without them.  I know that a lot of folks use an old router and
put OpenWRT, DD-WRT, or Tomato firmware on them.  This would give you
a Linux platform on which you can install Python, usually telnet (or
more likely, SSH) support, and can be integrated with a number of
dynamic-DNS services.

You could even grab a Raspberry Pi (model B with ethernet), add a USB
ethernet adaptor, and you'd have a pretty nice machine with 512MB of
RAM (the router platforms don't usually have more than ~64MB of RAM),
two ethernet ports for routing, and would support SD or USB drives.



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