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On Friday, January 19, 2001 1:22:23 AM UTC+5:30, Rolander, Dan wrote:
What is the best way to run a python script from within the interpreter?
What command should I use?

try using execfile(filename)

What type of script?  python?  bash?   tcl?   other?

If you want to use python as a shell-glue you can try using system.

>>> from os import system
>>> def <function_name>([parms])
>>> .... blah blah
>>> .... rc = system("<your_script_name")

When you call function_name within the python interpreter your_script_name will be called using system.

OTOH, if you are wanting to run a python script within the interpreter then just import the names you want from your_script.py file and then call the name... like main, forinstance.

>>> from my_script import main
>>> main([parms])

Within your_script.py define a main function:

def main([parms]):
    blah blah
    return rc


OTOH, just write the script.py file (top down procedural) and then import it:

>>> import my_script.py



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