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 Mark Lawrence <> wrote:

> On 30/05/2014 01:13, Roy Smith wrote:
> > We've recently started using pyflakes.  The results seem to be similar
> > to most tools of this genre.  It found a few real problems.  It
> > generated a lot of noise about things which weren't really wrong, but
> > were easy to fix (mostly, unused imports), and a few plain old false
> > positives which have no easy "fix" (in the sense of, things I can change
> > which will make pyflakes STFU).
> >
> > So, what's the best practice here?  How do people deal with the false
> > positives?  Is there some way to annotate the source code to tell
> > pyflakes to ignore something?
> >
> I was under the impression that pyflakes was configurable.  It it isn't 
> I'd simply find another tool.  Having said that if you don't get better 
> answers here try gmane.comp.python.code-quality.

I didn't know that list existed, it looks very interesting.  Thanks for 
the pointer!

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