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>Steve Hayes <hayes...@telkomsa.net>:
>> I'll leave Python 3.2 on my computer, but 2.7.5 will be the one I'm
>> installing now. Even if I could *find* a book that deals with Python
>> 3.x, couldn't afford to but yet another Python book.
>Unfortunately, in the computer field, if there's a book written on a
>topic, it will most likely be out of date.
>In the 1990's, I used to buy computer books on various topics. I don't
>think I have bought one for ten years. Either it is online or it doesn't
>There's enough Python material online to become a pro in it:

I hate reading stuff online, and find it diffucult to learn anything with that
method. I use MS Word 97 in preference to Libre Office wor Word 2010 (both of
which I have) because I have a book on the first, but not on the others. I
can't read online books in the bath or in bed. 

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