Hi Experts

 I am trying to draw a sine curve in Python , well first I had a script that i 
could draw a function curve in this way : 

xMax = 25.0
points = []
for i in range(100):
  x = (float(i)/99)*xMax
  y = math.sqrt(x)


first i have questions that : what does the line x = (float(i)/99)*xMax do ? 
why do we multiply it by 

and then when I wanted to draw a sine curve I found this one : 

import math

for angle in range(????):
    y = math.sin(math.radians(angle))

first , here instead of ???? can we put 2*pi ?

second i wanted to try this method instead:

xMax = pi
Lamda = 200
points = []
for i in range(Lamda):
  x = (float(i)/99)*xMax
  y = math.sin(x)

it actually works much better and creates an actual sine curve but the lengths 
are not really what i want , also if i want to draw a straight line I use this 
command :

xMax = 1
Lamda = 200
points = []
for i in range(Lamda):
  x = (float(i)/99)
  y = xMax

but then the problem will be that I can not control the length of this line and 
the sine curve , that should be equal


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