I am wondering if Python has services or frameworks that does the same 
as Java RMI?

What I am seeking is to do "pseudo-clustering". That is, a server will 
contains a program to control what is needed for execution. This will be 
pretty much like process management. Call this controller, 
HeadControl.py. What HeadControl.py can do is to expose a SOAP interface.

Each client machine will have Executor.py. So when Executor.py is 
executed, it will connect to HeadControl through SOAP. HeadControl will 
then spawn a thread to represent the connection.

Now, this part is possible in Java, but I am not sure if it is possible 
in Python. Executor will find out from HeadControl what it can do and 
downloads the corresponding objects and data from HeadControl and 
executes it and sends results back to HeadControl.

2 scenarios that this might work. Firstly, Executor can be part of a 
client program. In this case, temporary files may be written to the 
client's HDD. Of course, due to security, this method may not be 
desirable. Secondly, Executor may be made into a web applet kinda thing. 
In this case, writing to HDD may be impossible.

I know something like this had been achieved in Java 
(http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/j-super.html) but 
wondering if it is possible in Python. Is so, how?



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