On Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 5:53 PM, Jaydeep Patil <patil.jay2...@gmail.com> wrote:
> During copy paste of excel data, if user by mistake doing some copy & paste 
> operation outside excel(for e.g. doing copy paste in outlook mails, firefox 
> browser etc), it may be cause for the another error.
> How i can control this?

Suggestion: Don't. If you really need this level of control of the
workstation, you are going about things wrongly. This is a recipe for
fragility and horrific usability problems. There are two simple

1) Make it really obvious that you're controlling the computer, by
putting something big across the screen - a splash screen, of sorts -
which is set to Always On Top and gives a message. And then just trust
that the user won't do anything, because you've done everything
reasonable. No further control needed.

2) Automate your code by moving stuff around on the disk, *not* by
actually working through Excel. Twenty minutes of Excel automation
should probably become a proper application that reads in some data
and generates some graphs. And it'd probably be faster, too (even if
Excel's performance is stellar, which I very much doubt, it's always
slower to work through a GUI than to do the work directly). Figure out
what you're really trying to do, and do that directly.

Also, please follow Mark's advice.


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