On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 5:43 AM, Skafec, Allison
<allison.ska...@alliancedata.com> wrote:
> Please forgive me, as I am new to installing and configuring Python. I am a
> server administrator trying to install a new version of Python on a server.
> We currently have Python version 2.7 installed (located at C:/Python27),
> along with Python (x,y) and using Spyder2 to view. I have installed Python
> version 3.4.1 (located at C:/Python34) and also have Spyder installed within
> this folder. I open Spyder through the Python34 folder, but it still opens
> Python version 2.7. I cannot seem to get it to open version 3.4.1. We do not
> want to uninstall Python 2.7 until we have Python 3.4 ready, as we do not
> want users to lose the use of the tool. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

When you say "open Spyder through the Python34 folder", do you mean
you double-click on a file and use its Windows associations? If so,
the solution may be (depending on your setup) very easy - just make
sure Spyder has a shebang at the top.and it'll be invoked with the
right version of Python. Alternatively, simply create a shortcut to
C:/Python34/python.exe (or pythonw.exe, to suppress the console - this
is what a .pyw file will be associated with), passing it the name of
the Spyder file as an argument. That's probably the easiest solution -
it doesn't interfere with anything else on the system, doesn't change
associations, just gives you a way to run *this* Python and *that*


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