(This may or may not be related to my mail about a "corrupted stack

I've instrumented one of my unit tests with a conditional
'pdb.set_trace' in some circumstances (specifically, when a function is
called by a thread other than MainThread). However, when trying to print
a back trace to figure out how this function got called, I get this:

$ py.test-3 tests/t1_backends.py -k extra
=============================== test session starts 
platform linux -- Python 3.3.5 -- py-1.4.20 -- pytest-2.5.2 -- /usr/bin/python3
collected 33 items 

tests/t1_backends.py:563: test_extra_data[mock_s3c-plain] SKIPPED
tests/t1_backends.py:563: test_extra_data[mock_s3c-zlib] PASSED

======================== 31 tests deselected by '-kextra' 
=============== 1 passed, 1 skipped, 31 deselected in 0.23 seconds 
> /home/nikratio/in-progress/s3ql/src/s3ql/backends/s3c.py(693)close()
-> if not self.md5_checked:
(Pdb) bt
-> self.fh.close()
> /home/nikratio/in-progress/s3ql/src/s3ql/backends/s3c.py(693)close()
-> if not self.md5_checked:
(Pdb) q

What does this mean? Why is there no caller above the backends/common.py code? 
the very least, I would have expected some frames from threading.py...?

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