>> And keep asking questions.
> ... but this is definitely good advice. Want to get the most out of
> your computer? Step one: Don't be afraid of it. Step two: Don't be
> afraid of us, either. There's very little you can do on a computer
> that's unexpectedly damaging, and it's easy to keep backups (tip: use
> git/hg repositories and backups basically come "for free"); and we
> don't bite, so keep on asking smart questions.
> Want to be sure your questions are smart? Willing to put in a bit of
> effort to make yourself welcomed not just courteously, but
> enthusiastically? Check out this essay, one of the more famous ones:
> http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
> There are tips in there that will help you to make those really
> awesome threads that we all dive into and enjoy helping with. You
> learn what you wanted to know (and probably lots more besides), we
> enjoy a thoroughly discussed topic, and the list/newsgroup archives
> add that bit more to the internet's corpus of useful knowledge.
> Everyone wins!
> ChrisA
> --

Thank you for this link.  I will do my best to ask *smart* questions.  I 
struggle with explaining myself sometimes, especially when trying to grasp 
something that baffles me.
Deb in WA, USA

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