On Tue, 03 Jun 2014 20:27:39 +0100, Nicholas Cole wrote:

> Swift may yet be good for PyObjC (the python bridge to the various Apple
> libraries); it is possible that there is some kind of translation table
> that PyObjC can make use of to make its own method names less ugly.
> Of course, I wish they had picked Python rather than inventing their own
> language.  But Apple put a huge stock in the ability of their libraries
> to make full use of multiple cores.  The GIL is surely the sticking
> point here. 

What GIL? Jython has no GIL. IronPython has no GIL. I believe that PyPy 
has a GIL-less mode, although I may have confabulated that. I don't know 
whether Nuitka has a GIL, although Cython does, as do CPython and 

The GIL is not a language feature, it is an implementation feature.


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