On 04.06.2014 09:16, Chris Angelico wrote:
The point is
not that you might be able to get away with sticking your head in the
sand and wishing Unicode would just go away. Even if you can, it's not
something Python 3 can ever do.

Exactly. These endless discussions about different encodings start to get really boring. I cannot think of any aspect of it that hasn't been discussed here on several occasions, but as a fact:

"Strings are immutable sequences of Unicode code points" in Python3 (https://docs.python.org/3/library/stdtypes.html?highlight=str#textseq) and this is not an implementation detail. So if any "implementation" doesn't stick to this convention, it is simply incomplete.

And I don't think anybody can, anyway. If your device is big enough to
hold Python, it should be big enough to handle Unicode; and then you
don't have to say "Oh, sorry rest-of-the-world, this only works in
English... and only a subset of English... and stuff".


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