Steven D'Aprano <> writes:

> On Tue, 03 Jun 2014 15:18:19 +0100, Robin Becker wrote:
>> Isn't it a bit old fashioned to think everything is connected to a
>> console?
> The whole concept of stdin and stdout is based on the idea of having a 
> console to read from and write to. Otherwise, what would be the point? 
> Classic Mac (pre OS X) had no command line interface nothing, and nothing 
> even remotely like stdin and stdout. But once you have a console, stdin, 
> stdout, and stderr become useful. And once you have them, then you can 
> extend the concept using redirection and pipes. But fundamentally, stdin 
> and stdout are about consoles.
We can consider "pipes" abstraction to be fundumental. Decades of usage
prove a pipeline of processes usefulness e.g.,

  tr -cs A-Za-z '\n' |
  tr A-Z a-z |
  sort |
  uniq -c |
  sort -rn |
  sed ${1}q


Whether or not a pipe is connected to a tty is a small
detail. stdin/stdout is about pipes, not consoles.



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