On 6/5/14 12:18 PM, Michael Torrie wrote:
No they won't be used in the same niche.  Objective C is certainly not
used in the same niche as Python, so why would Swift?  I don't expect to
see any major OS X app written completely in Python, nor would I expect
and of the core frameworks to be written in Python.  They will be
written in Swift however.

OS X apps will indeed be written in Swift; esp if they will be distributed from the Apple Store--- Python apps are streng verboten in Apple land.

OTOH, much of my Python work is done on the mac for the mac... just not distributed from the Apple Store.

OTOH, it only makes sense to code with Apple's tools if the app is going to be Apple Store ready.

OTOH, I don't view the mac as an "Apple" thing. My mac is a *nix clone (freeBSD variant) which is a stable platform for Python coding and debug|test. I won't be using Swift; however, I will be using IDLE.

    JFTR, Apple should have adopted Python3, IMHO.



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