Dnia 18 Jul 2005 04:24:12 -0700, paron napisaƂ(a):

>>I favor speed of development, intensive OO development, performance under
>>heavy load, short learning curve, good documentation and community.
> I settled on CherryPy:
> Performance under load -- can't say one way or the other. I do know
> it's lightweight -- 40kb download, I recall.

I do not know how new CherryPy 2.1 (which now can use wsgi) is fast and
stable but earler versions were quite unstable under heavy loads. Its
paradigm "creating web site like standalone appl" (inherited from Cherry1)
is not good suited to more complicated internet applications.

Much more stable and much faster is e.g. Mygty (http://myghty.org) It is
about 2x faster then CherryPy. Also faster than CherryPy is Webware and
SkunkWeb. I did not check how fast is Django... It is fresh framework for
open source community.


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