I am new to Pandas. I am trying to remove the lower and upper 15 percentiles of 
interest rates within a day. The index column is the date. Below is some code, 
but how do I apply the trim function day-by-day? I tried using grouped() in 
conjunction with apply(), but that turned out to be an efficient way to slow my 
computer down and choke it. Any thoughts?

import pandas as pd

records = pd.read_table("blah.csv", sep=";", parse_dates=[2], index_col=2, 

def trim(df, colname, boundaries=(0.15, 0.85)):
    lo = df[colname] >= df[colname].quantile(boundaries[0])
    hi = df[colname] <= df[colname].quantile(boundaries[1])
    return df[lo & hi]

trimmed = trim(records, 'pct_12m') # this trims across all data, not 
day-by-day, which I want.

Oh, and is something like the following possible instead of df[lo & hi]?

df[lo <= df[colname] <= hi]  # looks nice, but gives ValueError

Thanks in advance!




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