1stpo...@gmail.com writes:

> Hello group, I have been using Python suds to try to consume a web service.  
> I am able to use tools like SOAPUI and it works but when  I it in python I 
> get Assertion Failure.
> ...
> suds.WebFault: Server raised fault: 'Assertion failure: criteria at line 296 
> of 
> /net/adcnas420/export/ifarm_base/ifarm_views/aime_bifndn_430300/bifndn/analytics_web/main/project/webformatengine/formatengine.cpp'

This is a message from the webserver. The "Assertion failure" happens
there (in the server) and not on the client side.

Usually, an "Assertion failure" is a programming error (of the component
which checks the assertion). However, in some cases, other components
(such as the client, in your case) might be directly responsible
or have at least triggered the problem.

I would approach as follows: Tell "suds" to log the outgoing messages;
lock at those messages whether they are correct. If they are,
contact the web service administrator and ask him for help.


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