> You might say that but I couldn't possibly comment.

You could run the message through Google Translate. It's not
publication quality translation, but serves the needs in this
instance. (Gmail offers to translate the OP's message for me.)

Here's what GT produced (successfully translates the Chinese, but
destroys the code structure in the process - what's wrong with those
people at Google? <wink>):

> I'm writing a cython code using the compiler as a backend instant named 
> cyjit, the python code
> Convert cython code is then compiled c extension import. Designed primarily 
> reference numba. jit ideas,
> Use decorate to specify compile function, for example:
> from cyjit import jit
> @ Jit ('int (int, int)')
> def add (a, b):
> return a + b
> add (1,2) # compiled
> @ Jit ('int (int, int)',
> locals ='' '
> int c
> '' ')
> def add1 (a, b):
> c = add (a, b) # fast invoked
> return c
> add1 (1,2)
> Currently does not support the type of derivation, C syntax to use local 
> variables defined manually.
> Jit compilation process is done in the function of Follow-up plans to move to 
> complete the compilation process runtime functions to achieve overloading.
> Currently supports compilation cache, you need to compile the first run, 
> slower time, Run again compiled directly into the extension, the speed very 
> quickly.
> Welcome to fork, pull, and suggestions.
> https://github.com/liuzhenhai/ cyjit

The concept looks like of interesting.


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