Paul Sokolovsky <>:

> And people should decide what they really want - fast language which
> can stand against the competition, or language with dynamicity and
> reflection capabilities beyond any practical need. I make first choice
> any time.

I'm in the latter camp, absolutely, except that I have a lot of
practical needs for much of that dynamism.

Admittedly, the topic of this thread is a bit funky. I'm wondering what
the application is: a profiler? a debugger? malware? self-awareness?

> And then it makes sense to just accept that any function can be JIT
> (or AOT) compiled, and there's nothing to fish inside of it (but for
> the raw machine code of unknown architecture).

I've been talking about the need for effective JIT so we can get rid of
Java et co. I wouldn't dream of taking away any of Python's dynamism,
though. In particular, type annotations etc are a big no in my book.


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