On 6/16/2014 4:16 PM, Roland Plüss wrote:

Was the program supposed to be shutting down when this occurred? Or
did this happen during 'normal' execution?
Shutting down. It happens though also if I trigger an error for example
     if( ! PyArg_ParseTuple( args, "iiii", &x1, &y1, &x2, &y2 ) ){
         return NULL;
and proving for example floats instead of integer.

So it happens as soon as the GC is involved.

Then I really recommend you upgrade to 3.4. From What's New:

CPython implementation improvements:
    Safe object finalization (PEP 442).
Leveraging PEP 442, in most cases module globals are no longer set to None during finalization (issue 18214).

You might find the issue discussion interesting.

In any case, switch to 3.4.1 or later for improved gc and finalization.

Not in GenToo yet as far as I know.

Compile Python yourself. If you have trouble, post "Need help compiling 3.4 on Gentoo" and I am sure you will get responses.

Terry Jan Reedy


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