This is the 2nd test sample for my 'Python to Go' project

refer to

download url:

This time I choose a 75 Python lines of Tetris game. It use PyGame library.
With my 'Python to Go', I convert it to Go source, compile, and it run.

This time I compile it on platform Win8 64bit.

Please open a Windows prompt window, go to directory BIN, and run the RUNME.BAT 

Some Questions:

Q: Do you try to support all Python programs, or only some ?

A: I try to support all Python2 syntax(not Python3 yet). Especially I can 
all Python standard libraries include. And I support programs which use 3rd 
part PYD 

Q: After translate to Go, Does it realy run faster ?

A: Yes, it is! I made some effort to try to ditermine variable datatype for 
float, string etc. And compute them with Go instead of PyObject. Even for those 
not determined data type condition, I also try to compute it in Go level with 
'reflect' tech.

Q: Again, significance of 'Python to Go'

A: Take this sample game for example. With Python it only need 75 lines. Can 
you try 
it with Go ? You can not find the PyGame library, so maybe its impossible to do 
it in 
Go. From impossible to possible, does it enough ?

Python's library is the most plentiful among all computer languages. This show 
how we 
love Python. But it can not compile to binary, this limit its usage. Now with 
my Python 
to Go, you can benefit hundreds of Python libraries in GoLang. I am sure this 
will make 
the long-lived Python more powerful, and new-borned Go more powerful!

In my opinion. A good programming language should be 2 level. It should be 
dynamic like Python during the developing period. We can express our idea 
freely, without 
any limitation. After the program work normally, automatically or 
half-automatically or 
manully, we can add some decorate code to limit some dynamic features we do not 
use. This 
make it run faster, and easy to compile. Up to now, I do not find any this kind 
programming language. Many new language still choose hard between dynamic and 
run speed.

We can understand 'Python to Go' as the 2nd explanation of Python. Convert your 
source to Go source and compile, it works in a different way. 

Developing with Python, compile and run with Golang, anyone interest?


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