I am using celery in my program to invoke remote functions using a message 
queueing service (RabbitMQ).

I call my function with celery with this:  myfunc.apply_async(queue=cluster, 
args=(chain, cluster, )), but although the call is correct and it works, in 
eclipse I get the  error that "undefined variable from import: apply_async".

This happens, because to celery methods it is just need to append celery 
methods to my function, and not code them.
That is true that I didn`t define apply_async function, nor imported. I just 
use it like celery docs suggests. Eclipse can`t see this.

The celery community say that it is eclipse python linter causing the issue and 
they suggest to contact the pydev community regarding the matter.

How I make this error disappears in the eclipse?

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