On 2014-06-19 07:02:21 +0000, Une Bévue said:

I want to install Python 3 such as python-3.4.0-macosx10.6.dmg avoiding disturbing the "built-in" version.
Is that possible ?

The Installer app won't let you see the target path of each package in the metapackage so you'll have to open each of the them (we're talking official binaries since you explicitly named that particular DMG file) and check where they are going to install their content. Most likely they'll go in /usr/local so you won't have clashes with system's python.

An alternative is to install and learn to use a package manager, I use MacPorts that requires full Xcode. Brew should require the smaller command line package. Fink should require no additional packages since it's basically APT. There are other managers as well, these are the most common on OS X.



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