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From: Makoto Kuwata <>
Date: Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 5:32 PM
Subject: Re: Backport fix on #16611 to Python 2.7
To: Terry Reedy <>

On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 12:31 PM, Terry Reedy <> wrote:

> Do you have any plan to upgrade to 3.4, so you get *all* the bugfixes
> possible?
Please ask to Google. Google AppEngine doesn't support 3.4 yet.

On 6/17/2014 9:08 PM, Mark Lawrence wrote:

> The simple answer is no.  The longer answer is, if you want to propose a
>> patch to backport the fix, it's more likely that somebody will do the
>> work to commit it as support for 2.7 has been extended until 2020.
>> Please note that I said "more likely", there's no guarantee given that
>> Python relies so much on volunteers.
I got it. Thank you.

> The extended support is mostly focused on build (compiler) and security
> (internet) issues, to support software already written and *working* on 2.7.
> That said, if someone were to modify the patch to it could be imported to
> 2.7 (at least changing file names) or make changes to the relevant files by
> hand; run the tests, with whatever changes are needed so that they do run;
> and change the code as needed so all tests pass; sign the contributor
> agreement; and post a properly formatted test to the tracker and indicate a
> readiness to respond to comments; then it might get some attention.
> --
> Terry Jan Reedy

I'm sorry if I bothered you. I just want to know whether the existing
bugfix will be backported or not.
I should be more careful to post even a small question.

makoto kuwata

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