On Sat, 21 Jun 2014 16:50:22 -0800, john wrote:

> Hi, trying to get py2app to work. It keeps saying that we need
> Pillow-PIL, which is wrong. And, anyways, Pillow-PIL fails to install.
> The program works fine as a normal python script, and it doesn't use
> Pillow- PIL. Any ideas?


(1) Since this is specifically a py2app issue, you may have better 
results from asking on a dedicated py2app mailing list.

(2) Is it possible that Pillow or PIL is a dependency of py2app, and the 
error has nothing to do with your script at all? What happens if you run 
py2app on a minimal script like this?

# hello.py
print("hello world")

(3) If not, please post a minimal set of steps that demonstrates the 
problem, and the *exact* error message generated (if possible). For 

    Download py2app version 1.3 from http://some.place.com

    Run the py2app installer.

    Create a minimal script hello.py (as above)

    Run py2app hello.py

    The result is ... [whatever actually happens]


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