On Sunday, June 22, 2014 3:49:53 PM UTC+2, Roy Smith wrote:

> Can you give us some more quantitative idea of your requirements?  How 
> many objects?  How much total data is being stored?  How many queries 
> per second, and what is the acceptable latency for a query?

Not yet, A whole lot, More than fits in memory, That depends.

To explain. The data is a network of diverse related objects. I can keep the 
most-used objects in memory but not all of them. Indeed, I _need_ to keep them, 
otherwise this will be too slow, even when using Mongo instead of SQLAlchemy. 
Which objects are "most-used" changes over time.

I could work with MongoEngine by judicious hacking (augment DocumentField 
dereferencing with a local cache), but that leaves the update problem.

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