Good day,

I'm starting a new project from scratch so I think its finally a time to switch 
to the latest and greatest Python 3.4.

But I'm puzzled with MySQL support for Python 3. So far the only stable library 
I've found it pymysql.

All others are either abandoned work-in-progress projects or do not support 
Python 3:
  * mysqldb - Python 2.x only
  * mysql-ctypes - Python 2.x only
  * amysql - Python 2.x only
  * ultramysql - Python 2.x only
  * MySQL Connector/Python - new guy in block. Does anyone use it?
  * WebScaleSQL + MySQLdb1 [1] - still in development, state unknown?
  * etc...

So what library do you use for MySQL access in Python 3?
I'm specifically interested in async support (like in psycopg2 for PostgreSQL) 
since I'm planning to use Tornado.




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