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I have a format string like:

  print "{:10} {:25} = {:6}   ({})".format(mod, name, value, description)

description can be None. In this case I want to print an empty string (which
can be achieved by replacing it with 'description or ""') and I want to omit
the brackets. Is there a way to tell the format string to omit a part if an
input variable is None?

.format() is not that sophisticated. One option is to build your string in pieces like this:

    if description:
        nice_description = "   ({})".format(description)
        nice_description = ""
    print "{:10} {:25} = {:6}{}".format(mod, name, value, nice_description)

Another option is to use a real templating engine like Mako or Jinja that lets you use conditionals.

Another question: value can be bool. When I format value with just {} if
prints True or False, when I use {:6} it prints 1 or 0. Is there a way to
get pack to True / False?

You can force it to be a string  with "{!s:6}"

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